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Audience Participation Studies

I created a short study where I invited an audience of people to look at my samples, which had been displayed. I developed a survey to determine whether the samples/videos I had created were able to translate my concept and evoke emotional memory.

The main objectives of the study were:

1. To understand whether people can connect to textiles samples/ processes

2. To assess how people interact with sensory elements of my samples

3. To get responses which evaluate whether sensory stimulation through textiles can evoke emotional memory

The audience study accurately gathered reactions which evidenced my hyothesis. Emotional memory was evoked of garments that participants had sentimental attachment to; for example one participant recalled, “[the devore samples] remind me of a devore skirt [she used to own] it had florals on it and I wore it to death, until eventually it faded away… I had it for about 10 years.” (Natasha, audience reaction)

Responses during the study were reminiscent of how memory and emotions are subjective. Therefore certain elements of my samples could trigger memories each time, such as my use of a devore technique. Additionally, one participant said, “Every time you come back you see something different… I was drawn to the colour at first and began to look around it… I was looking at each section as you eye goes from lighter to dark.” (Natasha, audience reaction) this was encouraging, it showed that the installation could elicit different memories and emotions from each interaction.

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